Magnificent Trees Around the World

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Now, let’s get started! I’ve been planning this for three months.

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An all-female vocal mix for getting ready, walking down the street, or any other occasion you see fit.

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Plot twist: The villain kills the main character and his girlfriend levels up her personal character development and takes over as protagonist.

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Séeberger Frères

Auteuil races - Paris 1912

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Do you want a copy of Amy Poehler’s new book? Do you want me to pay for it?! Well, congratulations, here’s your chance. In honor of Amy’s book, I am giving away a $25 e-giftcard to Amazon so you can have a copy all to yourself! That should be enough to order the book and pay for the shipping, with maybe a little left over. You win and you get the gift card code which will apply $25 to your Amazon account.[Technically speaking you don’t have to buy her book you could just use the money but that’s on your conscience not mine.] 


  • you don’t have to follow me, although it is appreciated. 
  • have to have an American account for Amazon. The gift card won’t work for other countries. 
  • reblog or like this post. you can do it more than once if you want but don’t spam it because that’s annoying. 
  • This will end on October 19, 2014 at 5:00 PM. I will notify the winner that night, if I don’t get a response in 24 hours, I’ll pick again. 
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Marilyn Monroe photographed by Philippe Halsman, 1954

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