Natalie is extraordinary. She’s such a technician, as an actress. Natalie trained. She’s the epitome of when training meets talent in the best way possible. She’s naturally gifted and comes alive on camera. It’s a fantastic mixture. - Jonathan Rhys Meyers

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speak gurl this is real

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Shay Mitchell for Kitten Galore Magazine 2014

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five years in the making ♣ nine/nine quotes

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Title: Cool
Artist: Gwen Stefani
Album: Love. Angel. Music. Baby.
Plays: 19123

Gwen Stefani | Cool
Love. Angel. Music. Baby. (2004) 

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Jenny Slate for Refinery29, photographed by Atisha Paulson

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gonna watch some HISTORICAL FICTION gonna become EMOTIONALLY INVESTED gonna learn TRUE FACTS gonna get PUMPED gonna go to the LIBRARY

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